Beautiful and evocative, natural solid stone flooring offer something no other flooring can: history. Since the beginning of civilization natural stone has been used for the most important works. In countries around the world, stone has long been the accepted choice for cathedrals, monuments, museums, houses of government and, of course, homes.

There are three basic types of rock from which stone floors are carved:

  • Sedimentary – Such as travertine and limestones
  • Igneous – Like granite
  • Metamorphic – Like slate and marble

Stone flooring has long been considered the flooring material of choice for the privileged and elite. Though advances in technology now make the labor-intensive process much more affordable and that savings has been passed on to modern day consumers. Since your home is your castle, why not consider stone floors?

Natural stone flooring will virtually always increase your home’s resale value. And unlike other types of flooring (but like a good wine), it improves with age.